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12:09pm 03-03-2009
I like John's music a lot. I am interested in the book and a t-shirt if that is possible....thanks!!
7:54pm 01-01-2009
I had a tape (made years & years ago by a friend) with up till then on it. No clue who did it till now...but I've long admired the person who told the story of a colorless life seizing a bit of bloody victory over an oppressor. Oh, the humanity!

Part of my internal landscape has contained the phrase 'I'm told that's how some women are' for lo these many years...glad to find the source!!! I look forward to listening to and finding out more about this artist. Many thanks for your site!!!


Chofaim Porovitch

somewhere in Dallas
12:44pm 12-31-2008
Hey John,
It's great to hear your voice again. My mom listened to you all through my high school years. That's where I learned to appreciate you artistry.Lately the words to the song "I Know" have been running through my head, so I thought I'd look you up. It's great to see that you're still around and that there are still true musicians out there among all of the over processed bubble-gum garbage so many labels are selling today.
Thanks for your craftsmanship.

Hollie Green
6:22pm 12-17-2008
Jos and John,
Thanks for the good music and the great videos.. John Gorka has been a part of my music life since 1993. I saw him on a country music show back in 1993 on cable (Crook and Chase show maybe) anyway...he played and I loved the music from the first notes played and the immediate baritone peaceful soulful sound of his voice. He said he only performed with shoes with red laces or maybe the shoes were red (can’t remember)…he said he never played without them. So, I headed down to the local Minot, ND tape and record shop and found his work that day. My wife and I saw him playing up in north Idaho. He was playing with Cheryl Wheeler and some other greats. I wanted to talk to him, so after his set I followed him to the trailer and I was wondering what I was going to ask this man that has been so much a part of my music life….of all the questions I could ask him….I says “Have you spent a lot of time in prison?” He stopped and looked at me a bit puzzled and said no, why? I said a lot of your songs have references to jail or crime and I was wondering if you are writing on life experience. He said “I write on it because there are a lot of people caught up in those situations”. He then left and I think he was saying to himself…what the hell was that guy talking about??? Anyway I would love to see him again. I live in the UK now and hope he makes a tour out this way in 2009. I would like to spend a day listening and talking to him. He is phenomenal! I will even go to Holland! Take care!


Kevin Taggerty
9:19am 12-04-2008
goed idee voor zo'n speciale sessie, jos.
De volgende keer maken we een meer-camera opname in het land met publiek erbij.
Dat verdient zo'n goede artiest!

Je krijgt zo wel veel aandacht voor je website (en dat allemaal door een cursusje dreamweaver).
Veel suc6 met de website en hopelijk komt tie binnenkort weer naar Nederland toe!
2:25pm 11-24-2008
Thanks for some great entertainment; in the continued absence of any John Gorka concerts in the U.K. this is as good as it gets. Although a trip to Holland in May '09 would be better!
3:36pm 11-23-2008
very nice of mr gorka to do this. hes one of a kind. very much enjoyed ty
9:04pm 11-22-2008
Great job with the recording Jos, first class. I know you and all of your friends were thrilled with his visit. I really enjoyed his version of Poncho and Lefty, one of my all time favorite songs!
10:41am 11-11-2008
Hey, cool site. Would love to see a quality version of "Christmas Bells," especially since it appears to be out of print from any source at this point. Thanks.
1:09am 11-06-2008
Jos - great video of John in the Netherlands! Keep up the great work.
4:15pm 11-02-2008
All I can say is, WOW!! A great big thanks to all involved in making the 'John Gorka Videosite Sessions' a reality. I hope a lot of people get a chance to view it, this is some great stuff!
5:32am 11-01-2008
Gerda van Vliet
What a nice music , i really like it!
I am proud Jos is my brother that he shows me so many nice and lovely music in this special way.

7:57am 10-25-2008
Mooie verzameling hier op de site; de opname van gisteren is prima gelukt ("In The Woods"); ik was onder de indruk van zowel de persoonlijke sfeer als de hoge kwaliteit van het optreden. Tot kijk in Lage Vuursche !
Jos (geluidsman)
10:14pm 10-21-2008
I'm a big John Gorka fan. I appreciate your .mp3 downloads. Thanks so very much.
11:15pm 09-23-2008
I think this is great! keep it up,I will miss it. Betsy
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