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3:14pm 11-26-2022
Vince Egan
HI John,
I saw you perform in Flemington,NJ and I have been listening to your Youtube songs . I hope to see you in person in New Hope PA in June. I enjoy your guitar playing and your great voice, thanks for the music.
7:39am 05-14-2022
Jeff Nye
A note from Jeff Nye (08-10-2021):

Hi Jos-I know the website building and maintaining is a huge task, and to do it well for free is monumental. Thanks!
So I have one little detail you could consider. I detailed it in the attached image....
The issue is your site doesn't have the correct title to each page, which should at least say "John Gorka Music", but now it just says "Untitled Document". This affects everyone's bookmarking of the site, and more importantly their ability to find it on search engines.
Pretty simple fix, and after all that time you have in it it deserves to be found by more folks.
I've been a web developer for years, if you ever need help. Also, a huge John Gorka fan for years. It was a guy named David Sobel" in San Francisco I liked to watch playing, who turned me on to "Land of the Bottom Line". Before that I knew of but hadn't gotten hooked on Gorka. David has a few hard to find albums, but worth it. The Gorka comparison is obvious when you listen, but David is also a good writer, so you get good songs too. Try these...https://davidsobel.bandcamp.com/album/rockets-to-the-new-worldMillion Year Picnic (Track 2)https://davidsobel.bandcamp.com/album/not-the-same-blueSaint of the Week (Track 3)Icarus (Track 5)Not the Same Blue (Track 7)
Also, an interesting take on a fan site, you may appreciate the concept, whether or not you are a Bruce Cockburn fan... https://cockburnproject.net/*** you need to drill down to a particular song, where you will see any known comments on that song. The special thing here is it's not anyone's comments, but only Bruce Cockburn's comments on his own songs. As a fan this is super special, and like any good collection of art, the creator has multiple different comments on many songs and stories about the songs over the years they have been out in the world.
OK, hope you get this and enjoy. If you ever are in Portland, OR, let's meet. Best- Jeff Nye
12:19am 05-14-2022
Rick Olson
Just saw John at the triple door in Seattle. An amazing performance as always. I especially liked the song done on the Les Paul PeeWee (though I think it would more accurately be named the Even Les Paul).
9:59am 01-24-2021
Bobby Boswell
Hi John. I woke up this morning to a gentle rain and "Houses in the Fields" came to mind. I Wikipedia'd your name and found out you and I have the same birthday, although since I was born late at night I suspect you may be a few hours older. Anyway I just wanted to say I enjoy your music, and wish you all the best. Bobby.
3:19am 10-10-2020
Gonnie en Frank
Hi John,
Ever since we discoverd your music through spottify we fill our house with your voice. Ordered your cd's too for the music installation downstairs doesn't understand streaming yet ;-)
Thank you for your music. Your voice, lyrics and melodies are great. The only thing we don't understand is that we missed you all this years before. Hope that the future will allow visits 'to the Netherlands again. We will be there!
Warmest greetings from Gouda/Netherlands.

Frank en Gonnie
5:57pm 06-04-2020
Wiggo Karlsen
Just recently I "discovered" John Gorka by chance on Spotify. Wanted to learn more about him and his music, then stumbled upon this page, and I really enjoy it. "Land of the bottom line" is a brilliant song title!!
12:47am 11-18-2018
Marty Fernandez
Purchased, ( yet, another JG album ) Before Beginning, just prior to driving home from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA. It was while hangin' with my daughter, Sophie. before she had to head off to work ( Whole Foods ) at a great, long time Portland record shop that I spied this unknown ( to me, at least ) new/old release. Enjoyed every new/old note. Thanks for keeping such good company over the tired miles and over the nearly 30 years I have been listening to you. The liner notes alone were worth the time spent. Keep on keepin' on John !
8:38pm 01-31-2018
krissy king
I just got your new CD!!! I have a full collection now!! I ordered through RedHouse Records thinking it would be signed instead of Amazon...not thinking of ordering through your site....I was just so excited to be one of the first to order. Anyway...I will see you in Portland, OR in March and hopefully get it signed then!! You are Amazing and I listen to you each and every day!!!! Thank You John!!!!!! :) ( PS Hopefully you'll sign another pair of my Boots too!!!! )
5:04pm 01-10-2018
Scottish Dave
As an elderly 60 yr old, I do my best to promote and sing your songs wherever I go. I am inspired by your song writing and your playing. I'll never be anywhere as good as you but your songs enable me to move most of my audience to tears with the emotion the exude. If your touring in the UK I will definitely come watch the master class. The sad thing is that in the circle of music move in most people have heard your songs but don't realise that it was you that wrote them.I do my best to educate them. Keep up the great work. If you have any song books on the horizon - please let me know.

5:42am 11-06-2017
Gerda van Vliet
I saw a beautiful and relaxed performence from John Gorka in the Dedemsvaart!
I got the ticket for my 60 years birthday from my brother Jos, a very good cadeau.
I hope to see him again in Holland next time. I enjoyed it.
Thank you John for your nice and relaxed storys and songs.
Thank you Jos for the beautiful website and videosite!
11:53pm 10-15-2017
Jim Pennell
You produced an excellent package on the Central Ohio Folk Festival including my videos. However you credited those incorrectly to a "Scott Pennell"---no such person. "SPennell" is the name of my son's youtube video site. I can be seen in the concert audience photo(the guy in the front row with the cap and white mustache.
Jim Pennell.
10:38am 09-03-2017
Sabine Goodman
I hope to be able to come to one of your shows here in Europe this fall! Oldenburg appeals to me, I love northern Germany.
Best, Sabine
11:57pm 07-22-2016
Bill Davis
I'm just starting to delve into this site, thanks so much. I saw John this evening 22 July in Morristown NJ, he was superb and hilarious as always...Russ Rentler accompanied on mandolin which added an extra dimension. I had seen him in Saranac Lake NY in May and had forgotten to get my son to take a picture of us, I redressed that tonight and am so glad to have shared a few moments with John who I knew from High School. Thanks John for that and for a great show as usual!
7:45am 10-04-2015
Dr. Richard J.LeJava
We saw John Gorka last night 10/3/15 in Plymouth Ma with LoriDiamond and Fred Abatelli,what a show ! First time that I saw him performing live.As john would say, "How else would I perform" I didn't know what a great story teller he was and what a great personality and sense of humor he has,really down to earth kind of guy,and when he spoke he spoke just to you ,which really impressed me immensely ! As I told John after the show,because of him I am alive today because I must walk each day and guess who keeps me going with his music, "JOHN GORKA" Thanks John and as I told him, "I'm from New Jersey"
5:17pm 07-10-2015
Hello John,

Just want to say hello. Thank you for your beautiful song "Take down your flag". I just watched it and I too share your deep sorrow. For me it is just so devastatingly tragic that so many beautiful people are gone. Your gifts are truly heaven sent.

Helen Casey
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