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7:45am 10-04-2015
Dr. Richard J.LeJava
We saw John Gorka last night 10/3/15 in Plymouth Ma with LoriDiamond and Fred Abatelli,what a show ! First time that I saw him performing live.As john would say, "How else would I perform" I didn't know what a great story teller he was and what a great personality and sense of humor he has,really down to earth kind of guy,and when he spoke he spoke just to you ,which really impressed me immensely ! As I told John after the show,because of him I am alive today because I must walk each day and guess who keeps me going with his music, "JOHN GORKA" Thanks John and as I told him, "I'm from New Jersey"
5:17pm 07-10-2015
Hello John,

Just want to say hello. Thank you for your beautiful song "Take down your flag". I just watched it and I too share your deep sorrow. For me it is just so devastatingly tragic that so many beautiful people are gone. Your gifts are truly heaven sent.

Helen Casey
11:03am 05-14-2015
Paula Jacunski
When, oh when, will we see guitar tab for "Fret Not" and "Fret One"?
4:19pm 12-09-2014
Claus Ulrich
Still a great site, Jos! Keep up the good work! Kind regards, Claus
9:52pm 11-05-2014
Megan in Boston
John! You are stupendous. How do I hire you for gigs? Please let me know.
Thank you! MCR
6:57pm 09-05-2014
Scott Deneau
I admire and love Johns music - for almost twenty years now - an incredible writer, song writer and an inspiration for many musicians like myself. Thank you so much John.
4:25pm 05-08-2014
Ken Gailer
John Gorka is one of my favourite singer songwriters. I have all his music.(just ordered his new cd) I am Australian and arrive in New York on September 4 so thought I'd' check his tour dates. Couldn't believe it when on September 5 he plays at The Rubin Museum of Art, NY. Being an artist the venue makes it doubly fantastic. I can't wait!
7:00am 03-06-2014
Love the site and Gorka Borka, but please limit all the flashing icons on the site. Make it really hard to view the site.
7:24pm 07-06-2013
Sandi Campbell
Awesome singer, musician and interesting individual with plenty of life experience makes for a great Folk artist!
8:37pm 05-24-2013
walt martin
No other singer/songwriter has moved me the way John has. I have been in the game for a number of years and have always found inspiration in his music.
9:31pm 05-21-2013
hey Jos -- it's me Eric John Gorka's #1 fan in the northwest...

how have you been?

I have some youtubes you might like!
3:23am 03-21-2013
Ah, the great John Gorka. How kind and generous of him to give these special sessions. When will he come to Sweden? Best to the people behind this site and sessions, and best thoughts to Mr Gorka!
9:56am 01-14-2013
Bill Neiger
Wonderful new music by a real master. Wish John could get to Seattle more frequently!
11:13pm 12-08-2012
Patrick Lund
Thanks, man. This is awesome. I've been a fan since 1987 or 1988. I live close so I get to see him regularly but I appreciate your work!
8:45pm 12-06-2012
Tad Jacks
Thanks for these wonderful videos. I am learning to playguitar and I want to learn John's songs. Some of the shots are so good to watch the strumming and fingering. I cannot wait to see John live on stage soon.
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Number of pages: 12
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