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10:44pm 03-03-2012
I'm a 19 year fan of John's music. I was at his Stuart Opera House show on 3/2/2012 in Nelsonville, Ohio. I was wondering if anyone else who was there jotted down his set lists/songs played...? If so, could you possibly email it to me?
Thank you very much!
9:55pm 02-16-2012
Eric Signell
I added another video clip/youtube from the Triple Door, and mentioned the a5th one as well, in my comment responding to your comment, on THE GYPSY LIFE video over at youtube (AmericanaMusicFan)...

if you are jos, would you mind sending me an e-mail at ericsignell@gmail.com as obviously we are two of the biggest JG
fans on the planet, right? If this is John reading this, I was the guy that wasn't very familiar with Bill Morrisey and asked you about Forget To Breathe after the show (also you signed the poster "to Eric & Dove) that we adopted from the women's bathroom :-)

p.s. // -will vote for the top 3 videos after I've seen all them
6:53am 01-30-2012
John Gorka come's in Amsterdam at Paradiso. Finaly! I'm looking forward.
5:07am 01-14-2012
Hallo Jos,

Ik stuitte zojuist toevallig op je site, omdat ik gisteren dolgelukkig er achter kwam dat John in februari in ons land komt en kaartjes heb gekocht. Jaren geleden al betoverd door de Christmas Song. Via Pure kwam ik erachter dat hij meer mooie dingen maakt en sinds een tijdje helemaal doordat Spotify me liet 'weten' dat John verder ook fantastische muziek maakt. Jouw site is geweldig, enorm leuk al die filmpjes, huiskamerconcerten, teveel om op te noemen. Ik zet je site in mijn favorieten, fijn dat je dit deelt met die paar andere zonderlingen in Nederland die ook weg zijn van John.
10:21pm 10-10-2011
Leigh-Ann Pellerin
Hi Jos- I love the harmony singer page you've been working on, its great. I am so very excited for you that John will be headed your way again fairly soon. I imagine your level of care and commitment to the site will be rewarded with the gifts he brings during this visit. Enjoy it all!
4:51am 09-08-2011
First song I heard from you, John. ...With Scott Balsai singing and playing it. YEARS ago, but it's still awesome. Beautiful song, and thanks for being inspired enough to write and play something like this. Keep up the ones like this, man.
8:01pm 06-20-2011
Leigh-Ann Pellerin
This is a response to Barry Eaton's question about the song "Who Should Know"... it is available on iTunes. Also, it is part of the "Fast Folk Musical Magazine" series. Specifically, that song I believe is found on Volume 3, No. 7, "Live at the Bottom Line," released in '86. I stumbled on to John's music a few years later. You certainly have a lot to look forward to in all of John's subsequent CD's...take it all in, its heaven on earth. Hope this helps.
2:01pm 06-18-2011
Barry Eaton

I'm a latecomer here. Shameful I know, but made it in the end.
I've found an old cassette of radio shows from I guess 92?, which has songs from land of the botom line, Temporary Road and I Know. Some are solo, some are with a band. All are wonderful. Even my teenaged biys are impressed. However, there's one song which I can't identify. It's listed as "Who Should Know". It's probably one of my favourites but I can't identify where it comes from and we'd love to get it on CD.
Can anyone help?

I have to say that the CD'swe've bought are all terrific, but the tape has a vibrancy that matches any of the recorded stuff.
Hope, at some stage, to get to see John live, but until then the Cd's and tape (thank goodness for an old car!) will have to do.

Best wishes from a wet and cold English summer
5:12pm 05-29-2011
mohsen gouda
I have words of a song,it's about the love,I want of you to intone my words
With my regardes
Mohsen gouda

Egypt-port said
6:07am 01-23-2011
Daithi Rua
I've Loved John Gorka's songs for many years and will continue to cover them. Great site and long may it run
5:56pm 01-15-2011
Elaine Andrews
Great site!
3:24pm 01-14-2011
James Rinslov
this man is the heart and soul of america
11:15pm 01-10-2011
gerrie schouten
in 1994 was ik 5 weken in amerika op vakantie,en deed verschillende platenwinkels aan.ik luisterde altijd naar de vpro radio,de programma,van jan donkers.zijn muziek keuze sprak mij behoorlijk aan,zodat ik in zijn prgramma muziek hoorde van john gorka.ik,was zeer onder de indruk.muziek,die je niet al te vaak tegenkwam op de radio in ons landje.ik,werdt een fan,liefhebber van gorka.en,het zou toch prachtig zijn als jan donkers van de vpro radio terugkwam op de ned radio?in,het verleden jaren 1975 ect...was ikzelf te gast in zijn programma amigos de musica.deed,hij samen met rik zaal,ik zat er toen met unieke opnamens van het album black and blue van the rolling stones.mooie tijd.ik zou graag in contact willen komen met liefhebbers van john gorka.hoever is hij bekend in nederland?groeten gerrie schouten uit gouda.p.s.vraag,zijn er mensen die mij kunnen helpen aan oude vpro radio opnamens van uitzendingen met jan donkers?graag reactie naar mij!
7:56am 01-03-2011
von turner
love this song blues palace
8:31pm 12-14-2010
Thanks for such beautiful music. Love to have John visit the Lyric Theater in Stuart, Florida, it's a great intimate venue for acoustic music. We would be there!
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