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7:56am 01-03-2011
von turner
love this song blues palace
8:31pm 12-14-2010
Thanks for such beautiful music. Love to have John visit the Lyric Theater in Stuart, Florida, it's a great intimate venue for acoustic music. We would be there!
8:28am 12-11-2010
colin railton
Hi I have recently found the music of John Gorka through bbc radio ulster can't get enough of it the lyrics the music he seams to be such a genuine artist. thanks for this site and keep up the great work
6:18pm 11-29-2010
hello my friend!i send this mail from greece!!i dont know so good to use the pc!!i was in the forum and i cant find my password and i get lost!!!anyway i want to say that i am a big fan from johs music and try to do my best to sing his songs and make it known to my audience always!!here is my webside!! www.dimosol1,blogspot.com i will make some covers soon in this winter and i hope you will like them!i want to share informations with people who like his music!!best wishes from greece..dimos
11:00am 10-29-2010
Janet Sisson
I look forward to hearing you at the Calgary Folk Club tonight--29 October!
8:17pm 10-16-2010
Angela King
Thanks for the musical lift. Love John Gorka, Peace Train and Trina's harmonica playing!
6:54pm 09-30-2010
Jan Sabin
Lovely to read, great to see - Thanks!
8:30pm 09-18-2010
Leigh-Ann Pellerin
Jos~ Great, great work with the latest Gorka additions. Simply stated, he is just so impressively good. We are lucky to have found such an amazing artist. I will do my best to send folks to your site for all their John Gorka needs. Thank you very, very much for ALL you have done and continue to do. Take Care~
8:09pm 09-02-2010
Leigh-Ann Pellerin
Jos-Have a great time with John being in your neck of the woods. Please don't keep him for too long of course. Enjoy all his gifts...looking forward to seeing some wonderful footage of his time with you. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

Leigh-Ann Pellerin
4:54pm 08-26-2010
Art & Sieb & Onno
Thanks for featuring our version of "Let Them In, Peter"! We're looking forward to John Gorka playing at the Qbus in our home town Leiden on September 3 !
7:23am 07-16-2010
David Tamulevich
Jos- thank you so much for all the work you do on this site!! It is so well done, and it is so nice to have all these performances of John's available in one place, so well identified..and easy to access!
12:29pm 06-19-2010
Just recently discovered the wonderful music of John Gorka and immediately fell in love with it.
Thanks for your website with very special recordings. I'm thrilled that John will be in Holland in September.
5:14am 06-09-2010
hi John! long time did not check out your site...your new site look really nice. :)
however, why i can not view you clip on the new site? actually, i can see your clip but i hear nothing. :) . besides, the clip is too small...so, i need to redirect to youtube home page to see it but the sound still not good at all.

Best wishes!
1:50pm 05-30-2010
B vd Maten

Ik zag dat de kaarten voor de tour in 2010 nog niet in de voorverkoop zijn bij de diverse podia. Ook las ik dat het optreden in In the Woods een prive optreden is. Hoe is daarvoor aan kaarten te komen? Ben daar de laatste keer ook geweest en was erg inspirerend.

Bvd maten Utrecht
1:48pm 05-29-2010
Leigh-Ann Pellerin
This is in response to Pam's question about the song John wrote for his mother. I know he wrote the song "Part of Your Own" for his mother. The one you heard may be something more recent than that. Just thought I would try to help out a curious Gorka fan. That song is found on "Between 5 & 7." Hope this helps. Good Day!!
Messages: 46 until 60 of 169.
Number of pages: 12
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