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5:32am 11-01-2008
Gerda van Vliet
What a nice music , i really like it!
I am proud Jos is my brother that he shows me so many nice and lovely music in this special way.

7:57am 10-25-2008
Mooie verzameling hier op de site; de opname van gisteren is prima gelukt ("In The Woods"); ik was onder de indruk van zowel de persoonlijke sfeer als de hoge kwaliteit van het optreden. Tot kijk in Lage Vuursche !
Jos (geluidsman)
10:14pm 10-21-2008
I'm a big John Gorka fan. I appreciate your .mp3 downloads. Thanks so very much.
11:15pm 09-23-2008
Betsy Stewart
I think this is great! keep it up,I will miss it. Betsy
5:54pm 08-21-2008
André Wierdsma
Ha Jos, ben nog eens door de You-tube verzameling gelopen.
Hoop dat John het nog even vol kan houden (ik kwam tot Gorka door John Wright, die onlangs is overleden).
Zie nog geen opvolger(s). Misschien dat Lee of Keith die mondharmocica ik kan slikken :-)

Veel dank voor al het werk. André
4:22pm 08-19-2008
Yes - Having just found this site a week ago I would miss it very much!
12:03pm 08-16-2008
Leigh-Ann Pellerin
Great, great site...Now that I found it, I want to take a day off from work just to view/ listen to everything on it...

Thank You for putting it together-
11:10am 08-16-2008
Erik P Berg
I don't know how I've missed you and your music after 53 years of life, and 40 of it being a musician. I guess it's sort of an epiphany. I will purchase lots of your music, and in the meantime was wondering if I could somehow get a version of Three Little Birds? Please know that I wholeheartedly embrace your genuine and prolific endeavors. I hope to see you perform someday, and will enjoy your recordings until then and after...

Erik P Berg
6:57pm 08-11-2008
Susan Thompson
I love your music! I discovered you on Slacker.com Keep up the awesome work. When are you going to play in Georgia?
2:41pm 08-08-2008
Scott Gibson
Hello, I have been a Gorka fan for beaucoup years. Living in MN, where John now does, I probably have had more chances to see him perform more often than some others. I just watched John give a free live show in the western Minneapolis suburb of Elk River, on the banks of the Mississippi. It was a bit surreal as young children twirled and danced in front of John for basically all of his 90-minute performance. The kids had a great time, their parents and all the other adults there seemed pretty attentive, but it still seems a bit out of place when kids are dancing to "Love Is Our Cross To Bear". A young boy engaged John towards the end of his set with a request for a fast number. John, of course was gracious and involved him in the show a bit (eventually doing "Good Noise" as a final number).

11:11pm 07-30-2008
I've sometimes wondered if anybody reads that stuff that I post on that site. Now I see you've posted some of it here and even made an effort to give me credit. I'm honored. And I've enjoyed your site too. Best wishes.
9:05am 07-24-2008
great site!!! off to falcon ridge as we speak.
1:38pm 06-24-2008
Tracy Thackrah
I have an interview with John I would like to feature on your website. How do I go about that?

Tracy Thackrah
90.1 FM KBPK
3:20pm 06-17-2008
Angry Black Woman
One of the greatest moments in my life was at a John Gorka, Christine Lavine, Cliff Eberhardt concert at the Bottom Line. They had asked everyone to write down on a little piece of paper what they were feeling. I wrote something like, "Everyone is wallowing in pain, but I think my pain is worst than theirs." I was sitting right up front, and I was certain John Gorka was going to pick mine. Sure enough, he did, and he sang, "I'm from New Jersey." Love ya, John!
11:39pm 06-14-2008
We just saw John last night live in San Diego at AcousticSanDiego+...he was tremendous....your site kept the music going for us!! Such a talent, what a lyricist, and a joy to hear!
Messages: 91 until 105 of 167.
Number of pages: 12
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