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4:46pm 05-24-2008
lee dishmon
thx so much for this site......mr gorka is one heck of a writer/performer and i appreciate more of his music getting out there. ty. im truly honored
8:37pm 04-10-2008

Thanks again for all your hard work documenting John's music. I stop by often, but don't let you know how much I appreciate it.

I hope your health has improved.

God Bless.
7:04pm 04-01-2008
giselle gorka
hello john i was wanting to know if you are any relation to me
im from australia and if ever coming down under your welcome to stay with us
7:51am 03-31-2008
Norm Krause
Thanks for the great web site!!
10:21am 03-27-2008
Stephen Brown
When this man opens up and sings, a great soul is revealed. His music finally reached me just as I was about to call BS on the whole industry . The Houses in the Fields video really hit home for me. God Bless true artists like John Gorka!
4:30am 03-24-2008
Edwin von Elck
Mooie site hoor, blijft een goede zanger.
1:32pm 03-17-2008
HI Jos.
I wonder if you can do two tunes for the mp3 month? Just wondering.
I really enjoy the newest tunes as well as the oldies. Thanks Betsy
4:44am 02-15-2008
joseph rotonda
I would like to use your link on my website to promote your works. entertheholyspirit.com.
Website is 80 percent finished. I used one song when you go to the vincent and theo poems link.
When are you coming back to Columbus, Ohio? Where can I find the song "War" on one of your cds?
My wife and I love your works. Your music is deep seeded on living life and all of its problems that reach one's purpoose.
Please, let me know? joe rotonda
2:37pm 12-11-2007
Wes jagoe
Hey Bro"
Hung out with you at StanFest, thanks for all your words of encouragement, I've got some photo's for you. Rose Cousins came to town, I promoted the gig and recorded it as well, I remember her Jamin' with ya at the festival, small world aye.
I'm trying to release a live DVD before Christmas, I'll send you a copy, take care all the best.

Wes Jagoe
1:42pm 10-15-2007
HI John, I can't think of one at this time. Anyone written by you is fine.
I don't know if you like Mary Black's music? But if you did and made an
arrangement John Gorka syle for fun, that would be cool.Betsy
8:51pm 10-12-2007
John G.
Hi Jos,

I put a copy of The Gypsy Life DVD in the mail to you today.
I hope it finds you in good health. Thank you for all your
All the best,
John G
2:15pm 10-12-2007
ryan Friel
can't tell if messages are getting sent..please respond so i can stop typing the same message...thanks, ryan friel
2:13pm 10-12-2007
Ryan Friel
Hi.....saw you play in Anchorage and Kallispell, MT...liked both very much...friends and I started up a literary journal called the Whitefish Review...whitefishreview.com...featuring local and national authors, artists, photographers...wondering about possibility of printing a song/interview...we strive for quality, not cheese...though we love cheese, w/scrapple...sincerely, Ryan Friel
2:08pm 10-12-2007
Ryan Friel
Hi..saw you play in Anchorage and Montana...liked both very much...friends and i started up a literary journal, featuring local and national authors, photographers, artists...called the Whitefish Review...whitefishreview.com...would love to print a song/interview you...don't know if this is a way to contact you...we strive for quality, not cheese...though we love cheese...w/ scrapple...sincerely, Ryan Friel
11:45pm 08-19-2007
elizabeth and jerry
We enjoyed your music at Crossings last night and hope you got home safely (US 52 back to our home was flooded in several places). That was, as we learned to say since moving to Minnesota, some weather.
Your song about your son made us smile as we have a new granddaughter who is, even at her tender age of three months, demonstrating very strong dislikes and as-yet-unattended needs with what I have named her Shar Pei face- everything wrinkles and her mouth opens and starts quivering, and we have seconds to attend to "it" or she starts crying. We appreciate the fair warning!
Enjoy the end of summer and beginning of autumn. Thanks again for "Oh, Abraham"- EWK
Messages: 106 until 120 of 167.
Number of pages: 12
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