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2:08pm 10-12-2007
Ryan Friel
Hi..saw you play in Anchorage and Montana...liked both very much...friends and i started up a literary journal, featuring local and national authors, photographers, artists...called the Whitefish Review...whitefishreview.com...would love to print a song/interview you...don't know if this is a way to contact you...we strive for quality, not cheese...though we love cheese...w/ scrapple...sincerely, Ryan Friel
11:45pm 08-19-2007
elizabeth and jerry
We enjoyed your music at Crossings last night and hope you got home safely (US 52 back to our home was flooded in several places). That was, as we learned to say since moving to Minnesota, some weather.
Your song about your son made us smile as we have a new granddaughter who is, even at her tender age of three months, demonstrating very strong dislikes and as-yet-unattended needs with what I have named her Shar Pei face- everything wrinkles and her mouth opens and starts quivering, and we have seconds to attend to "it" or she starts crying. We appreciate the fair warning!
Enjoy the end of summer and beginning of autumn. Thanks again for "Oh, Abraham"- EWK
2:00pm 06-25-2007
Justus Koshiol
I was surprised and honored to find that you had posted my video of "Let Them in Peter" here.

Thank you, I hope more folks will discover the wonderful music of John Gorka.

9:21am 06-03-2007
Thanks for keeping this site so remarkably current and updated. You have a way of finding everything Jos! I have learned of so many non-recored songs by John thanks to you. He needs to get in the studio and do an acoustic album of all these unrecorded gems! Thanks again. See you over at www.johngorka.com!!
10:56pm 04-30-2007
Rick Lander
I have recently "discovered" John and his music.......What a revelation he has been!! I sing and play guitar and have been working to cover his tunes...my most sincere homage to his song-writing and performance talent! Sincerely ......Rick
4:50am 04-10-2007
Jim Lyons
I am trying to track down an old friend from grammar school - Victor Colucci. He played bass is some bands when I wasaround 11 or 12 - this would be around 1966-66.

I see he is listed on an album you made in 1990 - "Land of the bottom line." I understand if you cannot provide this personal information to a stranger, but would appreciate it if at least you could tell me if you remember where the album was recorded. Maybe I can go from there. All the best.

Jim Lyons
12:05am 03-12-2007
Great site. Keep up the good work. Went to see John with my favorite lady in the world last summer and have been hooked ever since.
8:57pm 03-08-2007
jos, Try the new one I am interested in J.Gorka's new arrangements.B
8:54pm 03-08-2007
How about "Semper-fi"from Jack's Crows Thanks for asking. Betsy
4:01pm 03-07-2007
webmaster Jos!
Hi John Gorka fan, The new (official) John Gorka website is in the air. Please write in this guestbook if you like the new one or not. Thanks!
12:09pm 01-24-2007
webmaster Jos!
There is good news: the new official John Gorka website (with a new forumpage) will be in the air within a week...........
11:41am 01-12-2007
Hey John Gorka, How about a Richard Thompson Tune, another great Singer/songwriter.Betsy
10:38pm 11-22-2006
There are so many to choose from. How about "Morningside" from the CD The company you
keep?. Thanks,B
12:15pm 11-22-2006
Steve Eriksson
Nice to see these videoclip with John gorka, you are really good.
Long time since we played together.
Best from steve.
4:31pm 11-20-2006
Kevin Duckett
Do you have that long talked about live version of Furniture? I belive it was from a radio station.
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