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8:54pm 03-08-2007
How about "Semper-fi"from Jack's Crows Thanks for asking. Betsy
4:01pm 03-07-2007
Hi John Gorka fan, The new (official) John Gorka website is in the air. Please write in this guestbook if you like the new one or not. Thanks!
12:09pm 01-24-2007
webmaster Jos!
There is good news: the new official John Gorka website (with a new forumpage) will be in the air within a week...........
11:41am 01-12-2007
Hey John Gorka, How about a Richard Thompson Tune, another great Singer/songwriter.Betsy
10:38pm 11-22-2006
There are so many to choose from. How about "Morningside" from the CD The company you
keep?. Thanks,B
12:15pm 11-22-2006
Nice to see these videoclip with John gorka, you are really good.
Long time since we played together.
Best from steve.
4:31pm 11-20-2006
Do you have that long talked about live version of Furniture? I belive it was from a radio station.
7:04pm 11-18-2006
john prine,,greg bear, marc benno,augie m, shawn c, gram p, van m, richard s, bob d. lowell g. emmylou, rita c, leonard c,nrbq, the jessies, warren z, the band, dead, etc.....experiencng Johns' music, like all the exceptionally talented singer/songwriters, left me forgetting to breathe. An un-expected, timeless poet! Totally Satisfying! This is my 1st 'fan letter'.
12:37pm 11-02-2006
Hi Betsy,
This version of Blue Chalk -MP3 of the month in november 2006- is a non CD track (as usual). It's recorded for the FolkScene radioprogram imarch 14, 2002.
I taped that show on minidisc when they broadcasted it on KPIG.com (128 kbps). That's why the quality is so good. The engineer Peter Cutler is also very good John said he likes the good live sound of FolkScene.
The studio song Blue Chalk appeared onthe 1996 CD "Between five and seven".
10:22pm 11-01-2006
I love the version of Blue Chalk that JG sings very
addicting. What CD is it on? Betsy
1:24am 10-20-2006
Great site. I`ve been a JG fan for a few years now and would love to see him live but living over in the UK is a bit of a problem - perhaps he`d like to do a few dates over here - he would be very well received.
Great new album John - keep up the good work.
12:55pm 10-19-2006
Your efforts are appreciated!
8:35pm 10-14-2006
I saw John at XPN studio in Phillie on Friday. Wonderful performance and really like the new songs so much that I bought the the CD writing in the margine. Esp the song Broken Place.
Fare thee Well,
7:34pm 10-06-2006
Dear John Gorka,
I love your music and its many song varieties and orginal
sound like no one else. there are so many wonderful songs,
but Riverside is my favorite. Betsy
3:48am 09-16-2006
Hi Mark,

You can not listen to the "old" song of the month. Ofcourse you can listen to a lot of radio programms on this site. You can also listen to a lot of live (mp3) song on the discography page. But the mp3 quality is "low".

Messages: 121 until 135 of 161.
Number of pages: 11
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